Black Girl Problems

The ups and downs of being a young black me

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Even though I’m the biggest abuser of my hair I am also it’s biggest fan. I love it’s versatility and it’s thickness/fullness and the fact that a lot of people think it’s a wig because of how much there is. Sorry guys I haven’t ventured into that part of the territory yet. Although I am a self-admitted weave head. 

I begrudge my white friends but one thing in this category the fact that the majority of hair salons are made for them and to cater to their needs. I have but one racially charged rule in this category. I DON’T LET WHITE PEOPLE CUT MY HAIR.

I’ve had a relaxer since I was probably 5 so it’s needless to say that despite the fact that i’ve gone natural albeit it very temporarily I AM ADDICTED TO THE CREAMY CRACK. Although my hair is straight and wets and dies straight it seems as if many white and some black stylists don’t understand the complexity of and the versatility of my hair and they don’t get that you don’t have to burn the crap out of my hair to get it to lay flat and straight. Some white stylists have excelled in this arena but none have made me comfortable enough to let them ANYWHERE near me with their shears. They are allowed to clip my ends and that is it.

I always lift my hair to show the layers and tell them follow the pattern your predecesor left you. Don’t get fancy or creative and no I don’t want a new style I know that would look great with my bone structure just connect the dots and color in the lines please and thank you. I can be somewhat timid when it comes to my nails or other things because I don’t care about them enough but don’t you dare go for length if I told you end trimming. I only let black men with a track record or black women with hair I could see on my head CUT my hair and that’s just the way it’s going to be and I see not a thing wrong with it even though it does cause me some inconveniences.